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The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law


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Tax Planning and Transactional Advice for Clients

In order to legally keep more of your hard earned money, you must have an effective tax planning strategy. The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) contains nearly 80,000 pages, making it difficult for the average person to ever read it all let alone understand it. But in order to ensure that you are keeping your tax burden as low as legally possible, you must have a tax planning strategy to effectively navigate the IRC and take advantage of the deductions and legal loopholes you or your business qualify for.

At the Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, we specialize in providing ethical, aggressive and affordable tax planning strategies. Supervised by Chicago tax attorney Professor Jonathan Decatorsmith, our practice offers the tax help you need at a price that will not bust your budget. We assist clients with all types of tax issues, including obtaining tax-exempt status for non-profit organizations and an advance determination from the Internal Revenue Service for proposed business transactions.

Complex Tax Return Preparation

The more assets you accumulate, the more complex your tax situation becomes. However, the complexity of the tax code also opens up numerous options to legally shield your money from tax liability. We help prepare all schedules of tax returns for both individuals and businesses; including Form 1040 for individuals, Form 706 for estate taxes, Form 709 for gift taxes, Form 1120/1120S for Corporations/"S" Corporations, Form 1065 for partnerships, and Reports of Foreign Bank Accounts (FBARs), all structured to ensure compliance while keeping your taxes as low as legally possible.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies

We have substantial experience drafting wills, living trusts, advance health care directives and other legal documents designed to implement your personal property transfer goals in a manner that minimizes the tax burden and exposure to creditor claims. We are especially sensitive to confidentiality concerns, and provide personalized planning services for a fraction of what you might expect to spend at traditional law firms.

Non-Profit Organization

People who see a need in the community that should be addressed can set up a not-for-profit charity organization. Non-profits are similar in many ways to for-profit entities except that the objective is not to turn a profit or enrich the owners. Instead, the organization has a mission to address a problem and/or help a particular group of people within the community. One of the major advantages to non-profit organizations is their potential to obtain tax-exempt status. But in order to qualify, you must meet certain IRS guidelines. If you do qualify for federal tax exempt status under the 501(c)(3) designation, you will also be exempted from Illinois state taxes. Our practice helps with properly forming your non-profit and ensuring that you are in compliance with both tax and non-tax requirements as well as payroll obligations.

For all types of tax planning and transactional advice in Illinois, the Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law provides the experienced guidance you need at reasonable prices. Contact us today at 312-906-5041 for your free consultation and find out what we can do for you. Our practice represents clients for IRS tax issues and commercial disputes in Chicago, West Loop, West Town, Wheaton, and the surrounding Illinois communities.

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