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The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law


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Led by former IRS attorney Jon Decatorsmith, the Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law provides aggressive legal representation in IRS and state tax disputes.

Jonathan is not only the ultimate professional but his understanding, empathy for and devotion to his clients is remarkable...

- John, North Barrington, Illinois

Our team of attorneys will personally intervene and negotiate lien withdrawals, wage and bank levy releases, and offers in compromise, so you don't have to.

I just got back from teaching class and saw your email. I ran to the mailroom and there it was - the Offer acceptance letter! My family and I are forever grateful to you. I feel I can now renew my life.

- Margie, Glenview, Illinois

Attorney Jon Decatorsmith has been a Law Professor at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law for 18 years, training hundreds of students to be the tax controversy lawyers of tomorrow.

The IRS is back. Its “People First Initiative”, a COVID-19 response that provided temporary relief by suspending installment agreement payments and staying new collection actions (levies and seizures), expired on July 15. NOW is the time to contact us if you have IRS debts that you cannot pay, or need current or delinquent tax returns prepared. Call us at 312-906-5041, or send an email to jdecator@kentlaw.iit.edu.

Chicago Tax Law Attorneys

Managing Attorney, Professor and Former IRS Attorney Jonathan Decatorsmith

Get Assistance With Your Tax Problems

The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law has been providing aggressive, affordable and ethical representation to individuals and businesses with tax disputes for more than 20 years. Led by former IRS attorney Jonathan Decatorsmith, our firm can help release wage and bank levies, prevent property seizures, and remove tax liens. We have extensive experience and success lowering federal and state tax liabilities, abating penalties, obtaining innocent spouse relief, resolving payroll tax disputes, and getting offers in compromise granted. If you are under audit or owe the IRS back taxes, you should not fight the battle alone.

At the Tax Practice of Chicago-Kent College of Law, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, personalized legal services and representation for a fraction of the price you would pay to a traditional law firm or debt relief business.


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Jon saved me from the IRS! My friend died and named me executor of her estate. I had never done this before. The accountant I saw to file her taxes advised me that I could pay medical bills before I paid my friend’s taxes. That seemed off to me, but I foolishly listened to him and paid a few doctors (she left a TINY estate - about $2000 - and owed the Feds $3500 and doctors about $20,000). The accountant was wrong and the IRS came after ME - saying I had paid medical bills knowing taxes were due and now I was personally liable. Jon took the case for me and handled it very professionally. He was quite organized - knew exactly the documents he needed upfront, got to the IRS immediately, kept me informed of the progress and got me off the hook. My only regret is that I went to the accountant first rather than seeking Jon's counsel. I HIGHLY recommend him. He's intelligent, knowledgeable, organized, communicative - and kind. The whole situation was extremely distressful for me and reassured me and took positive action. I will recommend him whenever possible!

- Diane, Barrington, Illinois

My case involved a criminal conviction for taxes so it was more involved and time consuming. I have been notified and kept up on all aspects of the case. I am very pleased with the way it is being handled. Everything is thoroughly explained in a way that I can understand. I would highly recommend Jon in any legal matter that you may have.

- Tax Client, Bartlett, Illinois

I am known to dislike attorneys in general since they usually work towards using your retainer. But not this one. Mr. Decatorsmith has been my attorney for several years now on a very complex tax matter. He has been honest with my chances. He is very reasonable with costs. He has asked me to call his cell phone on Saturdays, since I usually get worried when I get IRS mail on Saturday. Mr. Decatorsmith is competent and is also a very good human being.

- Kris, Chicago, Illinois

We're certainly much better off then I thought we would be when we first met with Jon. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have this beast tackled! We really appreciate the awesome work Jon and his crew have done.

- Megan, Chicago Illinois

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