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What is Tax Court?

Congress created the U.S. Tax Court, a unique and specialized federal trial court, to resolve federal tax related disputes between taxpayers and the IRS.

The Tax Court is officially located in Washington, D.C. with 19 Tax Court judges who travel to trial locations in 60 cities across the country. Tax Court judges are presidential appointees with backgrounds in tax law, often with extensive experience as tax attorneys and advanced degrees in taxation.


How to prepare for your initial IRS Examination interview

Requests to interview the taxpayer and return preparer at the beginning of an IRS civil examination are routine, and potentially fraught with perils for an unsophisticated taxpayer or representative Examinations (or “audits”) are typically focused on issues, areas or industries having a historically high rate of non-compliance. The audit might also be initiated because the IRS received information from a related examination of another taxpayer, or perhaps someone (disgruntled employees, ex-spouses or business partners, competitors, or financial mercenaries seeking a whistleblower reward) purposely and intentionally provided information to the IRS relating to the taxpayer.

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