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The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law


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Chicago, Illinois Tax Law Services

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Helping Illinois Residents for Over 25 Years

Complex Tax Return Preparation

Our attorneys have extensive experience preparing complex federal and state tax returns, including Forms 1040 with Schedules C (sole proprietorship), E (rental properties) and D (capital transactions); Foreign Bank Account Reporting returns (Form 114); Estate tax returns (Form 706); Tax Exempt organization returns (Form 990); Partnership returns (Form 1065); S Corporation returns (Form 1120S); C corporation returns (Form 1120); and Trust/Estate income tax returns (Form 1041), among others. We also have experience with a variety of specialty federal and state excise and non-tax compliance forms prepared on behalf of taxpayers with unique issues or in specialty industries.

Criminal Tax Representation

Building on the significant criminal tax experience acquired while he worked at the IRS Chief Counsel Office, Mr. Decatorsmith has counseled numerous clients during the administrative investigation and pre-investigation stages of criminal tax cases. The Tax Practice's focus is on analyzing and, where appropriate, dismantling, the specific tax adjustments that form the basis of the criminal investigation or anticipated prosecution, as well as thoroughly evaluating the "willfulness" element that is a required element of every criminal tax prosecution.

Non-Profit Organizations (Formation, Tax Exempt Qualification, and Revocation Representation)

We have assisted numerous clients with the formation of their nonprofit organizations, the application and negotiation of federal tax exempt status for 503(c)organizations, and representation in revocation and reinstatement of tax exemption proceedings. We can prepare all necessary tax and non-tax compliance forms, and provide continuing transactions counseling to ensure future compliance.

General Business Counseling and Transactions

Although tax issues are frequently the most significant consideration for individuals contemplating which type of entity (LLC, partnership, corporation, professional corporation), to choose when starting a new business, they are not the only factor impacting the decision. At the Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law we have extensive accounting and general business experience to guide you through the formation process, and to provide ongoing transaction and compliance advice no matter what type of industry you are in. We can assist with the drafting of employee non-compete agreements, partnership and LLC member operating agreements, and a wide variety of contracts. And, of course, we have the tax angle covered!

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