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The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
The Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law


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Chicago Tax Audit Attorneys

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Helping with IRS Tax Audits and Examinations in Illinois

There are few things scarier than receiving a notice of an Internal Revenue Service audit. Having the most powerful taxing authority in the world examining your personal or business finances is enough to strike fear into even the bravest of souls. But going through an IRS audit does not need to be a traumatic event, if you have an experienced advocate in your corner that will stand up for your rights and fight for a positive outcome in your case.

For 25 years, Attorney Jonathan Decatorsmith has been a tax lawyer working for both the IRS and on behalf of taxpayers. As professor and supervisor of the Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, Decatorsmith puts his skills to work to help Chicago area taxpayers that are facing an IRS audit or Illinois Department of Revenue examination. As one of the leading tax controversy practices in the country, we are able to offer the expert guidance you deserve while keeping our fees among the most reasonable in the area.

What Happens During an IRS Audit?

IRS audits can either come in the form of a written request for further documentation (to substantiate a claim on your tax return) or a request for a face-to-face meeting. In the event of a face-to-face meeting, it is strongly advised that you seek experienced legal counsel to be present with you. This will ensure that you have someone in your corner that is familiar with the process. Remember that the objective of the audit is for the IRS to gain more information from you in order to make tax increases. Frequently, they ask for far more information and documentation than they are entitled to obtain, so you need to make sure you do not volunteer anything without first consulting with your attorney.

If you are unhappy with the results of the audit, you have the right to request an administrative appeal. Appeals can be risky because they have the potential to broaden the scope of the case, resulting in a possible increase in taxes. For this reason, only request an appeal at the direction of your attorney. If an administrative appeal is unsuccessful, you have the option to take your case to tax court. However, at this stage it may be to your benefit to try and negotiate a settlement with the IRS Counsel attorneys, as they have additional pressures and considerations that might warrant larger government concessions. An experienced representative that knows the system and the culture will navigate this for you, and obtain the best possible result.

Get Help with Your Tax Audits

IRS audits and Illinois Department of Revenue Examinations can be very stressful and cost you a lot of time and money. With your personal finances and/or business at stake, you cannot afford to deal with this alone. Even if you are on a limited budget, the experienced help you need is only a phone call away. Contact the Tax Practice of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law today at 312-906-5041 for your free consultation. We will provide you the aggressive, ethical and affordable representation you need to bring about the best possible result. Our practice represents clients for IRS tax issues and commercial disputes.

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