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    Led by Professor Jonathan Paul Decatorsmith the Tax Clinic provides superior quality tax advice and related legal services to individuals and businesses.

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Affordable and Aggressive Tax Debt Relief Attorneys in Chicago

Get Assistance with Your Tax and Litigation Issues

If you are under audit or owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, you should not fight this battle alone. Tax controversies with the IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue can lead to wage garnishments, bank account seizures and even the loss of your home or business. With so much on the line, you need an aggressive advocate that will help you secure a favorable settlement from the IRS.

At the Chicago-Kent Tax and Probate Clinic, we offer a cost-effective solution for those facing tax problems in Chicago and surrounding areas. For over 15 years, our clinic has been offering high-quality tax advice and legal services to those who cannot afford a high-priced tax lawyer. Our clinic began serving solely indigent and very low-income taxpayers in a pro bono capacity. In 2012, we evolved into our current model of providing middle class and small business taxpayers with experienced representation at affordable fees.

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The Chicago-Kent Tax and Probate Clinic is overseen by Professor Jonathan Decatorsmith, a 25-year tax law attorney who has represented both sides in IRS tax cases. He spent 11 years working for the IRS before becoming an outspoken advocate for those facing tax problems. Professor Decatorsmith is assisted by Staff Attorney Ni Sha and our student interns. Our interns handle much of the clients’ work under the supervision of our attorneys. This allows us to keep our fees lower and gives the students the opportunity to provide superior quality services to taxpayers within our community.

High-Quality Tax Services in Chicago

For several years, our clinic has been focused on tax controversy cases involving both the IRS and Illinois Department of Revenue. In recent years, we have also begun assisting clients with probate and estate planning, civil litigation (including contract and commercial disputes), tax planning and general business services. We have Mandarin and Spanish speaking employees on staff and we generally offer flat fees for our services (as warranted). Our many years of experience in tax law and a wide range of other legal issues (with both domestic and international implications) give our clients a decided edge when dealing with these serious legal challenges.

If you are facing difficulties with the IRS and need an effective yet affordable solution, we can help. Contact us at the Chicago-Kent Tax and Probate Clinic today at 312-906-5041 for your free consultation and let us put our experience to work for you. Our clinic represents clients for IRS tax issues, probate and estate planning, and commercial disputes in Chicago, The Loop, West Loop, Little Italy, Lake Shore Drive, north and northwest suburbs, and surrounding Illinois communities, as well as Southeast Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana.

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Latest Tax Rant

IRS Appeals “Independence” ?

The IRS Appeals Division has, by design, historically played the role of the so-called “independent” settlement arm of the IRS – the intermediary within the Service that retains the authority and primary function of resolving disputes between taxpayers and the aggressive auditors who often seek to exact unjustified, overstated additional taxes from them.   Over the years, this system has occasionally worked well for some taxpayers.   Assigned “conferees” (as they used to be called) served as a reliable check on certain vindictive, out-of-control Examiners, resulting in agreed additional tax assessments that were generally much more realistic and significantly less than the additional taxes initially proposed by the over-zealous auditors.   But for many taxpayers, the system didn’t, and doesn’t, work so well.   Appeals Officers charged with settlement authority over a specific case have lots of discretion, and discretion always allows for abuse.  For example, the criteria by which these internal settlers propose issue resolution – […]

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Mission statement

The Chicago-Kent Tax and Probate Clinic’s explicit mission is to provide the highest-quality legal services to individuals and businesses who are unable to afford the fees charged by traditional private law firms. Our focus is on middle class taxpayers and small business men and women who demand superior, responsive representation. The clinic utilizes the services of our student interns to assist Chicago Tax Attorney and Professor Jonathan Decatorsmith with resolving Internal Revenue Service problems, representing taxpayers in the Tax Court and U.S. District Court, and counseling on a wide variety of transactional matters. We believe that training our students in their dual obligations of ethical, aggressive representation and dedicated public service is a fundamental component of their professional education.

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